Turnkey winery design and
winemaking equipment solutions
since 1961.

Vinquip is a project management and equipment supply company specializing in beverage processing industries. The company supplies stainless steel process and storage vessels with special focus on stainless steel wine storage tanks, wine fermentation tanks, winery equipment and turnkey winery outfitting.


The US operation is part of an international group of companies with steel product manufacturing facilities in South Africa.

The US operation is based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Vinquip serves clients by establishing, upgrading and fitting some of the most iconic and successful wineries with cutting edge, high-grade stainless steel equipment and process solutions.

A proven track record in winery equipment specification, supply, installation and commissioning.

Vinquip forms part of a South African-based family-owned business specializing in the scoping, manufacturing and supply of liquids processing equipment. The company's main focus is on winery design and layout, providing a complete turnkey service.

In operation since 1961, Vinquip products are manufactured in a custom-built, dedicated stainless steel plant located near the harbor in Cape Town.

The various operations have a proud history of designing storage and process solutions for a diverse range of customers around the world. We design, manufacture and supply a range of juice fermentation, blending, mixing and bottling vessels for producers of natural, flavored and alcoholic drinks.

As well as processing equipment, pharmaceutical and chemical vessels, brewery equipment and liquid fuels storage and delivery systems.

By tapping into this proven expertise, Vinquip can review your own winery or beverage facility's operational requirements - including your projected production requirements, product quality standards, future plant scalability, available budgets, sustainability of operations - and propose a customized turnkey solution that best addresses these various performance criteria.

These include winemaking machinery such as destemmers, crushers, bins, and sorting tables, wine storage and fermentation tanks and ancillary equipment, as well as the supply of beer processing plant and equipment.