To ensure you produce the finest brew,
we produce world-class brewery tanks.

When quality, taste, colour and consistency of the brew are critical to the brand's reputation, leading breweries turn to the precision engineering and decades of expertise that go into every Vinquip vessel. You too can rely on the predictable results ensured by the way we craft our tanks.

Purpose-built brewing tanks.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing purpose-built vessels. Our qualified staff can manufacture any tank within these specifications: Volume: Up to 65 000 gallons.
Diameter: Up to 220 inches. Shell height: Up to 600 inches. Overall height: Up to 730 inches.

A beer brewing tank for every step of the way.

We serve our international client base with mash tuns, maize cookers, lauter tuns, wort kettles, yeast vessels and fermenters.

Each vessel is purpose-built to client requirements. Our exacting Quality Control Programme is used to monitor and verify every step of the manufacturing process.

Temperature controlled brewery vessels.

Brewing is a temperature-critical process, our vessels can be fully or partly insulated and clad in our factory.

For cooling to precisely controlled temperatures, water, glycol or ammonia can be used as coolant.

Our cooling jackets are machine welded - no popping welds, no dirt traps along edges. Higher flow rates of coolant are more economical to run. Cooling can be fully automated and programmed once the tanks are in position.

One-weld system - ensuring brewery tank hygiene.

Diameters of up to 220 inches are possible, thanks to Vinquip's sophisticated de-coiling and welding process, in which horizontal lengths of steel - instead of sheets - are used. This means only a single weld seam is needed per strake, ensuring durability, a clear saving in labour costs and a clean advance in hygienic standards.

Vinquip tanks can be built as certified pressure vessels, according to various design codes such as ASME, BS, SA PER, each undergoing stringent third-party scrutiny.

Materials used:

  • Stainless steel Grade 304/316 from 2-12 mm thick.
  • Duplex and ferritic grades are also available.
  • Insulation is of non-combustible, low-chloride mineral wool.
  • Fully welded or riveted cladding on request.

Designed, built and delivered on time.


Built to the stringent specifications that your brewing process demands, a Vinquip vessel will deliver dependable performance for many years to come.

Photo: Another successful brewery installation by Vinquip.