Red wine tanks:
We pour a wealth of know-how into
every tank we build.

Whether you're creating big, bold classics or lighter bodied reds, we'll plan, design and build the tank to help you nurture your creation to perfection.

Our red wine tanks are custom-built to client specifications.

The following options are available:

  • Red wine tanks for fermentation, blending, cold stabilization, storage and bottling in various volumes and aspect ratios.
  • All material is 304 or 316 grade austenitic stainless steel.
  • Conical or flat sloping bottoms, either with or without legs.
  • Center mounted top turrets, or offset conical geometry.
  • Rectangular manhole for easy removal of spent skins.
  • Optional automated pomace discharge.
  • Optional large top manholes to make for easy punch-down.
  • Optional pump-over system.
  • Optional dimple cooling jackets for efficient temperature control, either manually controlled or automated.
  • Optional automation to control temperature, pump-over and pomace discharge.
  • Surface finishes in a bright 2B, ring, mirror or brush polish.
  • All apertures are flared both inside and out; no corners that could harbor dirt.
  • If required, internal welds can be ground flush and strip polished for better internal hygiene.

Every Vinquip tank undergoes our rigid quality control processes. All material used is fully traceable to the point of manufacture. Certification audits provide full traceability.

From left to right: Red wine tank with large top turret for manual punch down;
Standard tronconique tank;
Red wine tank with extra cooling and manhole.