Winemaking accessories:
User friendliness and ease of operation.

When applying the finishing touches to your newly established or upgraded facility, we'll make sure no detail gets overlooked.


A sampling of the smaller - but vital - components of a successful winery includes valves, breathers, temperature gauges, louver drains, sample taps, pipes and pipe fittings, internal removable dimpled cooling plates and fitting boards.

1. Fitting board    2. Pump-over bin.

3. Louvre drain    4. Plastic spade    5. Bulldog barrel transfer pipe

6. Pump-over rotating sparger    7. Butterfly valve    8. Ball valve    9. Canoflex hose
10. Stainless steel bucket    11. T-tri-clamp    12. Concentric reducer tri-clamps
13. Tri-clamp    14. Sight glass tri-clamp    15. Tank breather